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Two men silently shared a bench inside the Church of Saint Elizabeth: a young electronic musician Moa Pillar and a musical storyteller Oomkah; both of them absorbing the atmosphere and fixating their impressions of the architecture's might, the echo of the generations reflecting in hollow rows of light, the monk's whispers. After several trips to such pacifying places a wish appeared to depict the experience in a nonverbal way - so the new "Collage" split combined with the idea of simultaneous layering of the musical segments was born.

The side one of the cassette begins with a sample by a artist Marina Abramović, which sets the mood for the whole half-hour Oomkah mix: the vocalises by Benoît Pioulard (Orcas) and Jesy Fortino (Mirrorring) sink in a broken piano and humming ambient of The Boats, From the Mouth of the Sun and a classic of a genre Thomas Köner. But the final part appears as a genuine thriller through the ruthless segment of Roly Porter's composition and a postscript by Tommy Jansen (Elegi), who added a passage from a poem by a Kazan poetess Tamara Yan recited by the author to his music piece.

Moa Pillar on his side applies to his native roots and reminisces of the ascetics from the river Yenisei, combines rather rare choir records with classics of different periods: from Bach to Ernst Reijseger adding a flute by Carlos Nakai and electronic of the obscure project Krujalka. The final touches of "Lullaby" become unwittingly harmonious with side one, they complete the picture, adding a colorful russian folk ornaments to the gray shades of "Collage".


released July 5, 2012

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